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Mother Gardener is your portal to the world of intuitive garden design and sustainable edible and perennial landscaping. I coach clients in growing food and perennials- inspiring people to live a more nature connected life.

You want to have a beautiful and healthy garden

but are not sure where to start?

I can help.

Step into the world of Mother Gardener – where your gardening aspirations bloom! Here, Kitchen Gardens aren't just planted; they're crafted with heart and soul. Let us build up your green-thumb confidence, providing not just expertise but ongoing coaching. Join Mother Gardener, where we won't just create your Kitchen Garden – we'll nurture your passion and grow a vibrant lifestyle rooted in the love of the earth and the delight of home grown food.

We're here to bring your garden dreams to life!

Ready to go? This is your Journey....

Book Your Free Discovery Call

Book your free 15 minute discovery call today so I can help find solutions tailored to your unique gardening needs. I am here to listen, advise, and guide you towards achieving your garden goals. Whether you're a novice seeking advice or an experienced gardener in search of fresh inspiration, schedule your call now and unlock the potential of your garden!

Build Your Garden Plan

We will come together in your garden for a 60 minute session to learn about what your visions for your garden are.

During this consultation I will collect information about your site and how your household hopes to enjoy and interact with your space.

In less than a week you will get a follow up of our discussion and recommendations for moving forward with either a DIY design or an estimate for a turnkey installation.

If you go forward with a detailed planting design there is a cost per sqft. and includes up to 1 revision of the original plan for the base price.

Garden Installation

When it comes to installation you have two options!

Turn Key Installation: Sit back and let us do the heavy lifting for you. We will take care of all of the sourcing, labor of installation and filling your beds with quality soil. You will get a review of your planting plan and are welcomed to sign up for our ongoing garden coaching package. Get a free 1-hour-follow-up visit within 30 days of installation. Cost depends on scope and size of the project.

DIY: Are you a weekend warrior and don't mind doing the heavy lifting yourself? Get a custom plan that guides you on what you need to be successful on your own. This can include recommendations of plants, bed materials and sourcing, garden soil recipe, irrigation requirements and the foundations you need to create your own kitchen garden from scratch. Cost of this depends on sqft.

Don't worry. We won't just plant and run.

We have options for continued garden coaching and education suited to your budget and needs.

Garden Coaching Program

Garden Coaching

Experience the joy of gardening as we guide you through three seasons of planting plans, providing all plants and seeds required for your flourishing garden.

But that's not all – our program goes beyond mere installation. With monthly on-site coaching sessions, we're committed to nurturing your skills and confidence, empowering you to become a successful kitchen gardener alongside us.

Priced at $26 per square foot spread out over 8 months of the planting season.

Price includes all plants, seeds, safe insect control, organic plant food and seasonal growing supports.

Mother Gardener Membership Society

Understanding the frustrations of gardening incorrectly and the endless search for answers, I created this membership.

Professional guidance is usually expensive, but you deserve a bountiful oasis without breaking the bank.

Revel in the delight of harvesting your greens, filled with pride for the garden you've cultivated. With this membership, you're no longer gardening solo.

In this program you get a monthly to do list of what to do in your garden each month as well as exclusive growing guides and plant and garden health spotlights.

$11 a month for a wealth of information delivered to your inbox.

Custom Planting Plan

For returning customers, get a custom detailed planting plan for your new growing season.

Price is based off of sqft.

Looking for a plan for all three growing seasons? We can do that for you

Prices begins at $198.

Why Work With Mother Gardener?

I'm Cortney, a Master Gardener and your personal garden coach and consultant based in Fort Collins, Colorado. At Mother Gardener, I support people in growing the gardens they always wanted. My goal with working with you to help support you in fostering a connection with nature and supporting you in becoming a guardian of the earth.

It is my hope that by building a deeper connection to our food and the natural world, we will open our hearts to care for the earth more deeply.

As a guardian of the land, I believe in working in harmony with nature, employing the best ecological practices. I want to help support you in reconnecting to natures cycles, growing your own food and nourishing your spirit through nature based living.

Our raised beds feature regionally sourced wood, and I prioritize local or homegrown vegetables tailored to Fort Collins' unique climate.

The goal? To create beautiful, sustainable spaces that not only provide nourishing food but also inspire a deeper connection to the earth.

What Sets Me Apart?

  • Local Commitment: I source materials locally and tailor our selections to thrive in Fort Collins.

  • Eco-Friendly Practices: My approach is rooted in ecological harmony, ensuring your garden is a positive force for the planet. I encourage gardener to try and work with the resources they have on the land.

  • Intuition in the Garden: Beyond growing plants, I'll guide you to develop your intuition, fostering a confident and inspired connection with your garden.

  • The creation of gardens that are not only visually stunning but also ecologically responsible.

Get Your Free Mastering Seed Starting Guide

Unlock the Secrets to Successful Seed Starting

Welcome to the Mother Gardener's corner, where we believe that every seed holds the potential for a thriving garden. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just beginning your green adventure, our "Mastering Seed Starting Guide" is your essential companion to sow the seeds of success. Packed with tried-and-true tips, expert advice, and a step-by-step roadmap, this guide is designed to demystify the art of seed starting. Don't miss your chance to cultivate a garden filled with life and color. Download your free copy now and embark on a journey to nurture your green dreams!

Mother Gardener Is For You If:

  • You care about your food quality and where it comes from

  • You want to grow a garden but don't know where to start

  • You feel overwhelmed with all of the gardening resources out there

  • You want to to have a garden but want someone to come and set it up for you so you can spend more time enjoying your space and less time worried about when it will get done

  • You must moved and are unsure about how to grow in your region

  • You dream of having an outdoor space that you actually want to spend time in

  • You want to help teach your kids about how to grow their own food

  • You wish to grow food to share with your community

  • You want to support the biodiversity in your yard but not sure what to plant


With over 20 years of gardening experience and a lifetime spent playing and growing in the garden, I bring a unique blend of expertise to each client I work with. I have spent time serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in a rural agricultural community in Morocco, worked at a plant nursery as a teen and spent my adult years educating myself through Colorado State University's Master Gardener program, Denver Botanic Gardens, Gardenary, Denver Urban Gardens and serve on the board for a local farm non-profit, Sproutin' Up.

I feel very connected to the earth and I work intuitively and with my wealth of experience, to identify what the land needs in each location I work at. I strive to work with the utmost respect for the planet on behalf of your garden dreams. My goal is to help you grow food fand reconnect to your wild and true nature!

Let's get our hands dirty!

Ready to Start Your Gardening Adventure?

  1. Book a Discovery Call: Share with me your gardening dreams. Looking to explore a custom kitchen garden installation or are you looking for coaching or a garden plan? This is your first step.

  1. Join My Weekly Garden Emails: Sign up for our insightful weekly emails, guiding you through the gardening journey and connecting you to the seasons.

  1. Monthly Membership: Immerse yourself in our community and receive exclusive benefits.

What My Clients Are Saying

When I moved into my new house, Cortney helped me identify the plants that were in the yard. She advised me on how to best take care of the plants that I have and offered great suggestions of what I could add in the future.

Alexis A.

I have been wanting to landscape my yard for years but I did not know where to get started. Cortney helped me turn my ideas into reality. She helped guide me in understanding what my vision for the space could be. Cortney's help is the best!

Ali D.

Working with Mother Gardener was an absolute pleasure, and the results speak for themselves- our landscaping looks nothing short of amazing. If you are seeking an expert with a vision, a deep understanding of horticulture, and a knack for bringing unconventional ideas to life, Mother Gardener is who you should be looking for.

Jen S.

Working with Cortney was an amazing experience from start to finish. She is so knowledgeable and has the creative spirit to inspire beautiful design. She transformed our lifeless garden beds into an inviting entry to our home and a serene backyard living space.

Rory H.

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